Are you tired yet, of feeling sick and tired all the time?

What's included in the WILDFIT 90 Day Challenge

About Your Coach

Lisa Bradley is a Transformation and WILDFIT Coach who will support you in changing your relationship with food and with yourself. She is also the author of FocusPocus: The Magic of Changing Your Mind and will have her second book out soon.

Food freedom isn't just about being able to eat what you want, it's also about being able to walk past foods that you know are bad for you and feel good about it instead of feeling deprived.

"If you're ready for more freedom in your life, let's do this!"


Here are five things you need to know about WILDFIT

 1. It is more than just a nutritional program.

It's also a personal development journey. Many of the steps we take around changing your beliefs about food can be applied to other areas of your life. Many clients report they have more clarity, that their mood is better, or that their outlook on life is better after completing the 90-day challenge!

2. There are no products to buy.

You won't get charged a registration fee, and then hit up for supplements, shakes, protein bars, or recipe books! Everything you need can be purchased at your local grocery store, farmer's market, or wherever you normally shop. You will only need a good blender (but even that is not a 'requirement').

3. It won't always be easy!

It’s called a challenge for a reason. Some steps will be easier than others, but the purpose of the program is to challenge your beliefs and change your relationship with food. I am there to assist you every step of the way. It's truly the added coaching support that makes this program work!

4. Ultimately, the lifestyle is completely flexible.

You really can eat whatever you want! It's just that what you want will change through this program. Have I given up eating some foods? Yes! But not anything that I haven't wanted to!

5. This is not a marketing scheme.

I am an independent WILDFIT Coach who is certified to teach the methods that have successfully helped tens of thousands of people around the world improve their health! I work mainly with small groups because I love the intimacy of getting to know each of my clients on a personal level.

Feel free to contact me for a no-obligation chat about the next 90-day challenge! EMail: [email protected]

Eric Edmeades - Founder of WILDFIT

In 2007 Eric established a friendship with the Hadza people — one of the last truly hunter/gatherer tribes left on earth and has visited them frequently over the last 10 years. His experiences with the Hadza have been a key component of the research that would lead to the founding of WILDFIT® in 2012.

Eric’s flagship WILDFIT® program, is the most effective health transformation program on the market.

In 2018, the Canadian Senate awarded Eric a medal for his dedication to his mission to improve the quality of people’s lives.

Today, Eric is widely recognized as one of the most powerful, engaging, and entertaining speakers in the world, as well as the leading authority on Behavioral Change Dynamics, the art of creating genuinely transformational programs and experiences.

What people are saying...

"I have learned more in 3 months with Eric and the coaches than I have in the past 30+ years of dieting" ~ Paula Dorrington - United States

"Best decision I have ever made. I highly recommend WILDFIT because it teaches you to think about the consequences of your food decisions, before, during, and after eating it."

"My top takeaway from this adventure: Being and feeling healthy will always taste better than that ice-cream or pizza."

"I am so glad that I made the investment in the WILDFIT program" ~ Linda Hontz - United States

"I am so overly pleased with the WILDFIT Challenge and the results I have gained through this challenge. I have learned so much about myself and my relationship to food and how best to nourish and heal my body."

"Standing on the other side, 9 kg lighter was a huge success!" ~ Jakob Kristensen - United States

"The first weeks in WILDFIT I already came to an understanding, why it's so hard to keep the weight off for good. The mix of health and psychology makes a great deal in my behavior....The program is so easy to do, and even when you fail - you don't fail, but learn. I'm so happy that I did WILDFIT!"

Here is how WILDFIT and Live Coaching are Structured


Weeks 1, 2 & 13: WILDFIT will release a short video every day. The length of the videos are between five minutes to one hour. Watch them as you have time.

Weeks 3-12: WILDFIT will release videos on Monday and Friday.


Weeks 1 & 2: The first two weeks of the program we will meet for a coaching call via Zoom three times per week. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Weeks 3 - 12: For these 10 weeks we will meet for a coaching call once per week on Monday.

Week 13: During week thirteen we will meet for a coaching call on Monday and a graduation call on Friday. (Note: we may also schedule a Wednesday call.)

How WILDFIT works

WILDFIT uses evolutionary medicine, behavioral psychology, and nutritional anthropology to reprogram your body to release your unhealthy food habits and cravings. Then we replace them with habits that nourish your body without the use of willpower.

In weeks 1 & 2 we give your body what it needs most, which is water. You’ll also learn a ton of evolutionary and psychological information so that you can begin to notice what the food you're eating is really doing to your body.

In weeks 3 – 10 you’ll gradually introduce your body to the nutrition it has likely been missing up to this point and learn to eat the Human diet. Every species on the planet has a diet that consists of foods their bodies require to function properly. It is more important to get the good stuff in than it is to remove the bad stuff. During these weeks you should see improved energy levels, improved focus, less pain, and shifts in your weight as your body finds its ideal shape and size.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact my coach?

EMail: [email protected]

What if I signed up through a different organization but now I want to work with a coach?

Just let me know and I'll send you a link to sign up for coaching with me. [email protected]

Can I purchase additional coaching?

Absolutely! During the WILDFIT 90 Day Challenge you will have weekly group coaching sessions via Zoom. If you find you need additional coaching during or after the challenge is done I am available for individual coaching sessions. Click the Purchase Now button under WILDFIT Private Coaching and we'll get you set up with an appointment.